BRICS media urged to enhance int'l presence

2015-12-01 14:13:01

BEIJING, Dec.1 (Xinhua) -- President of China's Xinhua News Agency Cai Mingzhao has called for media groups from BRICS countries to enhance their international presence.
"We should join together, voice our common wills and enhance BRICS countries' say in the international community," Cai said in his keynote speech at the first BRICS Media Summit that opened here Tuesday morning.
Cai said media of BRICS countries should promulgate the voices for peace and development, promote the common development of BRICS countries, and safeguard the common interest of emerging markets and developing countries.
BRICS media should side with emerging markets and developing countries on major international and regional issues, including the post-2015 development agenda and climate change, Cai said, noting that the media need to deliver the voices of the emerging economies, express their concerns, enhance coordination, deepen cooperation and remind the international media to pay more attention to the problems and challenges confronting the developing countries.
Leaders of 25 media organizations from BRICS countries attended the first BRICS Media Summit.
Cai called on media organizations from the BRICS countries to carry out exchanges, learn from each other, become partners and lay a solid foundation for BRICS cooperation among the public.
"We must seek development through innovation, speed up restructuring and become partners in promoting media's integrated development," he said.
He also stressed the importance of the spirit of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win in BRICS cooperation mechanism.