Prerequisites for Award for Media Innovation

This paper aims to help entrants become familiar with the entry procedure and prerequisites, and to dispel possible doubts over the entries.


The WMS Global Awards for Excellence, set to be among the top academic awards in the profession, intend to commend and foster the journalistic mentality of "TRUTH, OBJECTIVITY, EXCELLENCE." They also aim to embody journalism’s social obligation and mission for public welfare through the outstanding pieces of work the awards will showcase.


The WMS Secretariat is to invite veteran and senior news practitioners from the Secretariat members and renowned media organizations, as well as experts and scholars from professional academic institutions, to act as judges. The panel of judges is to proceed in line with prevailing international norms and with the principle of "equality and justice."


1. Entrants

The award is open to all levels of media units or institutions from either a country or a region. No limit has been set on the number of entrants. One representative from each unit or institutions should be responsible for the entry procedure and submitting relevant material.


2. Language

Submitted material should be written in English. An English translation, including translations for video subtitles, should be included if parts of the submitted material are written in a language other than English. Translation must be faithful to the original meaning. The English version will be the one judged.


3. How to Submit an Entry 

Sign-in and entry submission is online. Entrants should log on to the WMS official website to register, create a personal ID and complete entry forms before submission. Entrants will be guided through the process. Incomplete information will disqualify the submission. The following is required for entry submission:

-- Entry information

It includes the title of entry, full name of participating team and full name and official website of the higher-level media organization to which the team is affiliated.

-- Necessary entry material

A comprehensive and systematic description of the innovation is needed, including its publication platform and time, its innovation content and features, as well as its influence on other media setups.

Entries include but are not limited to the cultivating and implementing of new ideas, new technologies and new practices, e.g. efforts in fostering interaction among news organization and its audiences, in adopting new means and platforms to tell a news story in a better way, and in producing new forms of programs catering to multiple user experiences.

-- Proof of publication/broadcast/application

Please provide a URL or a screenshot of the project and make sure judges have free access to the webpage from July to November 2014.

-- Supplementary material

Please provide at least one recommendation letter in English from a person familiar with the innovation item. Please include a PDF/JPG format of any previous awards of the project, may have received, if any.(PDF/JPG file:size between 400k and 1M)


4. Seeking Help

If you fail to upload the entry materials online due to poor network conditions, you may send an email to with name, organization, country, video name, video size, contact information and other information deemed necessary. The WMS Secretariat will contact you as soon as possible to address the problem.

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